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Präpositionen des Ortes

Ein Thema, das immer wieder Schwierigkeiten bereitet im Englischen, sind die Präpositionen. In meinem heutigen Blogeintrag möchte ich näher auf die Präpositionen des Ortes eingehen.

Präpositionen sind Verhältniswörter, sie verbinden und bezeichnen das Verhältnis zwischen Satzteilen, Wörtern oder Gegenständen. Sie stehen immer in Verbindung mit einem Substantiv, Verb oder Adjektiv.

Dazu habe ich eine Grafik erstellt, die das Ganze bildlich veranschaulicht.

Präpositionen des Ortes - Grafik © www.discoverenglish.de Nicole Heusser

Zum besseren Verständnis und in Ergänzung zur Grafik habe ich zu den gebräuchlichsten Präpositionen des Ortes noch Beispielsätze angefügt:

above: The plane was flying above the clouds.

across: There’s a supermarket just across from our house.

along: Houses had been built along both sides of the river.

around: The bus came around the bend.

at: I met her at the library.

away from:  The thieves ran away from the police.

behind: Stay close behind me.

below: Can you see those trees below the summit?

beside: I sat beside her all day.

by (near/next to): The house by the lake.

by (past): She walked by me without saying a word.

down: He bent down to pick up his keys.

in: The kids were playing in the park.

in front of: She is sitting in front of him.

inside: Inside the box was a beautiful necklace.

into: He threw the letter into the fire.

near: Do you live near here?

next to: They sat next to each other.

on: Put it down on the table please.

on top of: Books were piled on top of one another.

out of: I got out of bed.

outside: There is a taxi waiting outside.

over: He held a large umbrella over her, covering her from the rain.

past: I live in the house just past the job centre.

through: The burglar got in through the window.

towards: They were heading towards France now.

under: The dog is asleep under the settee.

underneath: The mouse hid underneath the washing machine.

up: She climbed up the flight of steps to her flat.
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